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12283   Sunseeker   Portofino 31  Picture 12140   Hardy   18 Navigator  Picture 12089   Birchwood   33 Classic  Picture
11925   SILVERTON   310 CONVERTIBLE  Picture 11922   unknown   fishing boat  Picture 11916   HANSE   401  Picture
11909   Drascombe   Dabber  Picture 11902   CRUISERS INC   ELITE 2970  Picture 11883   Hardy   Seawings 277  Picture
11864   Norwegian   Dinghy  Picture 11834   Princess   Princess 56  Picture 11828   Bayliner   Capri  Picture
11810   Laurent J Giles   650  Picture 11804   Baltec Catamaran   150  Picture 11799   COLVIC   30FT SAILOR  Picture
11759   Canvey Yacht Builders   Jaguar 25  Picture 11753   Azimut   43  Picture

What is Boats For Sale Now?

Boatsforsalenow.com is a website devoted to helping owners of boats and the boating industry to sell and buy all types of pleasure boats, fishing boats and workboats.  We want to make the process of buying or selling a boat cheap, easy to use and as straight forward as possible.  It shouldn’t cost the earth to either buy or sell a boat and on Boatsforsalenow.com you can even sell your boat for free !     You can look at our Boat Types Displays to see if we sell your kind of boats.  (Hint, we will sell your boat.  We do all kinds of boats apart from warships and rowing boats). 

We want you to know as much about the website and how it works, so that you can use Boats For Sale Now with confidence. 

Boats for Sale Now  have helped many people buy and sell their boats at a reasonable cost.  But even if it is cheap to buy and sell boats on this site, you can be confident that it is all above board and there are no hidden costs.  We just want you to be able to buy and sell your boat. 
We have several arrangements to assist boat sellers to advertise boats on this website for Free or for a small charge.
This website is effectively a classified listing site.

We like to think that it is a useful and cost effective platform for people to buy and sell boats with the minimum of hassle and to buy and sell with the minimum of expenditure as well.  In effect, it’s a cheap way to buy or sell a boat.  As fuel prices soar and increasingly people start to feel the squeeze as the cost of living rises, post Covid, a cost effective way to buy or sell a boat is the sensible option. 
How Does Boats For Sale Now  Work?

Boats for Sale Now is quite straight forward to use.  It’s also really easy to navigate and in fact we believe that it doesn’t get much more simple than it is. 

We have three different platforms, Premium, Non-Premium and Free.  So you have a choice of the level of service you wish to opt for and because we offer a free service, you can even choose not to pay a penny. 

Premium Option the advert is displayed on the Home Page for three months.  The Home Page is where most site visitors land so visits are high.
After three months the boat continues to be listed in the normal displays for up to six months in total.  Sellers can have up to 10 pictures.
Non Premium paid adverts are listed in the normal display area for up to six months in total with sellers able to submit up to 10 pictures.
Free (Non Premium) boat advertisements are listed for three months in the normal display area with one picture.
As would be expected, details of the Boat and some Sellers details are required on the entry form. Should you wish to have your phone number displayed on the advert just enter the number in the Telephone entry box provided, otherwise please leave this box empty.  Generally the more details you can provide about the boat, the easier it will be to sell it.  Potential buyers want to know as much as they can about the history of the boat if possible, how it runs, any work that they have had done to it, service history etc.  It’s always better to provide too many details rather than too few.  If a seller doesn’t provide much information, then potential buyers may think that the seller isn’t too serious.  But if you take the time and trouble to write a good description of the boat and any history that you have, a listing of any new parts etc, then potential buyers will know that you are serious about selling and that you have put in quite a bit of effort to sell your boat.  So you are a serious seller!

Because our costs are so reasonable for the Premium and Non-Premium listings, we stand out from our competitors.  We don’t have a showroom and we don’t take a percentage of the final selling price, so you aren’t paying a lot of money for the privilege of selling your boat. 

We also don’t enter into any conflict resolution.  If you are buying a boat then the deal is between you and the seller and if you are selling a boat, then the deal is between you and the buyer.  We don’t broker or negotiate if the sale doesn’t go through.  We are not like an Estate Agent for boats, we are more like a dating site.  We just bring potential buyers and sellers together.  What you do after the introduction is none of our business! 
Boat Types displays:
We have a list of boat type displays that can easily be selected from the menus, as are Manufacturers Boats. 

The type of boats that we have are Canal Boats, Catamarans, Dingys, Fishing and Work Boats, Inflatable and Workboats, Motorsailors and Other Types, Power Cruisers and River Boats, Sailing Boats, Sports Ski and Racing Boats.  We don’t do rowing boats, or kayaks, but generally we have got everything else covered. 
Any Questions?

If there is anything that you aren’t sure about then you can contact us at info@net100.co.uk