Own design and construction----

This Boat for sale is a Own design and construction, ----, Used, Catamaran, 15.00 Metre

Mac alpine-DownieIroquois Mk2

This Boat for sale is a  Mac alpine-Downie, Iroquois Mk2, Used, Catamaran, 30.00 Feet

J. C. PlaisanceEvazion 900

This Boat for sale is a J. C. Plaisance, Evazion 900, Used, Catamaran, 10.00 Metre

Roberts & KaineLeopard 384

This Boat for sale is a Roberts & Kaine, Leopard 384, Used, Catamaran, 38.00 Feet

Hobie Cat15

This Boat for sale is a Hobie Cat, 15, Used, Catamaran, 15.00 Feet

Why buy a Catamaran?

Catamarans are excellent boats for fun and commercial duties.

They are very stable in the water. They are usually very fast but calm when moored. Because they have two hulls they have shallow drafts and can therefore moor in shallower areas. Depending on the boat they can be placid or challenging as required. Enjoy your Cat but always follow Boat Safety Rules